Our work has been broadcasted around the world on channels such as BBC World, National Geographic and Smithsonian Channel.

Documentaries such as “Shark Junction”, “Great Blue Wild” and German produced film “Abenteuer der Hochseeoasen” by wildlife producer Rolf Moeltgen have been created with our images.


We have collaborated with broadcasting companies such as South African “Earth Touch” and “Blue Ant Media” from Canada.

“Silver Back”, an English based documentary production company, has acquired our unique footage of a whale and dolphin swimming together to be used in a theatrical movie called “Dolphin World” which will be released in cinemas around the world in 2018.


Waterproof Video has won several awards for videos including the 1st price of the international video contest “Voice of the Ocean” in 2013 with the video

“Through my eyes”. In 2014 we won both 1st and 2nd place with “Celebrating Life” and “Freediving with Humpback Whales”.


We got into the finals of the “World Digital Shootout” contest as well as the international environmental awareness contest 2015 “Por el Planeta” in 2015 with our video “The Bond”, showing a humpback whale calf interacting with it’s mother.